Dokmee Capture

What is Dokmee Capture?

Offering unlimited scanning with no per click charges, automated data capture options, and un-matched reporting and auditing tools, Dokmee Capture is the ideal product for scanning service bureaus, centralized scanning departments within large corporations, or companies looking to convert a large backlog of files.

Dokmee Capture provides users with the ability to separate the scanning, quality control, indexing, and exporting processes into independent tasks that can be performed simultaneously by different users, yet allowing centralized management of the entire process. It effectively transforms the scanning process into an assembly line that can be tailored to specific needs and carefully managed to maximize efficiency and minimize costs through the paper elimination journey. The built in reporting tool allows managers to track productivity and profitability automatically, eliminating the manual log process.

Image enhancement options are available as well as integration with image enhancement software from scanners with TWAIN and ISIS drivers. Editing tools and practical time saving shortcut options such as hot keys that are intuitive to use make the scanning and quality control process more efficient and accurate.

With the ability to setup recognition templates for typed text, barcodes, handwriting, checkboxes and more, Dokmee Capture provides the tools for time saving automated data extraction, which in turn leads to easy to find and retrieve electronic files. Dokmee Capture is able to push images and data into any document management or file sharing system, along with automatic file naming and folder creation and organization.

With all of these tools and features working together, Dokmee Capture effectively transforms the scanning process into an assembly line that can be tailored to specific needs and carefully managed to maximize efficiency and manage costs through the paper elimination journey.

Workflow modules can be completed on a single workstation or networked through multiple workstations at once, with different users working on different parts of the project simultaneously. Modules can be accessed onsite or offsite, parts of the project can be outsourced or it can all be done in-house through production teams that complete single modules along the assembly line.

This is a top notch solution for streamlining the conversion from paper to searchable electronic files in a manner that saves both time and money.

Dokmee Capture Highlights

• 15-Day Fully Functional FREE Trial • Unlimited Scanning with No Per Click Charges • Divide Tasks & Manage Workload • Ensure Quality & Accuracy • Automated Data Capture • Process Load Balancing • Centralized Batch Directory • Understand ROI with state of the art reporting tool to help track productivity and profitability. • One of a kind offsite indexing management module. Send and receive images and data to offsite locations for data entry and Dokmee Capture will make sure the proper data gets matched up with the appropriate scanned images upon completion.
Dokmee Capture